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Refresh and renew

Along with so many of you, we’ve been using this time to plan and prepare for a new way forward, part of which is giving the tourism sector facing website a complete overhaul.

As the largest county in Wales and having much geographical diversity we also have great commonality, in being predominantly rural with wonderfully unique products and hospitality,  immersing the visitor in the very warmest cwtch. As a result, the core information we all need to flourish is pretty consistent, from easy links to tourism research, helpful toolkits, areas priorities and branding overviews.

Aiming to reflect the information needs of our Powys tourism sector and complementing the pan Wales detail from Visit Wales we’ve covered the key information areas that you would find useful to help navigate your way and support your business development. The site will naturally develop with depth of detail growing over time and we’re always open to suggestion… so if you’ve anything you’d like to see more of please let us know.

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