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Get the stats to back it up…

Tourism research and insights form the foundation upon which we can understand and develop our

visitor audience and the trends that influence how we prepare not only our future marketing but also

our product development, ensuring that what we have to offer provides the future visitor with the very

best of what we have to offer to meet their ever changing and growing needs.

Powys County Council tourism service undertakes a variety of research into tourism trends, visitor

satisfaction, bedstock and the impact of tourism on the economy of Powys.

Sitting on the Visit Wales research partnership, we gather data in conjunction with other organisations

and local authorities in Wales. 

Powys County Council


  • STEAM data

2-3 years

  • Buy additional site locations for Wales Tourism Survey

Wales (Visit Wales)


  • Wales Tourism Business Barometer (quarterly)


  • Wales Tourism Survey (every 2-3 yrs)

  • Visitor Experience Monitoring

  • The Wales Occupancy Survey

  • Bed stock data


GB (Visit Britain)

  • International Passenger Survey (IPS)

  • GB Tourism Survey (GBTS)

  • GB Day Visitor Survey (GBDVS)



What does it all mean?...

Demand and Market Research

Tracks market and competitive conditions and identifies opportunities, preferences and barriers for

attracting different markets including visitor decisions.


  • Information to understand underlying market and demand conditions

  • Estimates of the volume, value, characteristics of trips taken from different markets and opportunities for growth

  • International Passenger Survey, GB Tourism Survey and GB Day Visitor Survey provide a strong basis for this

  • Track underlying demand drivers via published economic stats e.g. leisure spending, real earnings

  • Market Conditions –interest and plans for visiting.

  • Type of holidays being planned

  • Perceptions of Wales and competitor destinations

  • How is our marketing performing: KPIs -Conversion, Visitor Spend, Changing perceptions, Diagnostics.

  • Information broken down by target segments, region

  • Population Tracker surveys (UK travellers but potentially other markets)

  • Pop up surveys website/social media/partnerships

  • Follow up conversion surveys


Supply Side Research

Tracks the competitiveness and performance of the industry and capacity to meet changing market


  • The Wales Occupancy Survey

  • Wales Tourism Business Barometer

  • Visitor Attractions Survey

  • Bed stock data


Visit Britain and International Markets

  • Not just International Passenger Survey (IPS) data

  • Consumer trends in each country, booking, planning and travel behaviour

  • Perceptions of Britain held by each market

  • Visitor activity and whether they would recommend the UK

  • Support for travel trade


Visitor Experience Monitoring

Identifies the profile and behaviour of visitors and visitor satisfaction helps identify areas of

competitive advantage and priorities for investment

  • VISITOR PROFILE - Demographics, age, lifecycle, party size, gender, previous experience of Wales

  • TRIP PROFILE - Location, activities, transport, accommodation

  • VISIT MOTIVATIONS - Perceptions, past experiences

  • INFORMATION - Sources used in visit planning and during visit

  • ATTITUDES AND RATINGS - Satisfaction with the visit, facilities, ‘sense of place’

  • EXPECTATIONS - Did it meet expectations, will they return, will they recommend Wales

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