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Aberystwyth Pier at Sunset

Wales Brand

All Visit Wales marketing falls under the Cymru Wales brand, which is now consistently used to

promote Wales in the UK and beyond as a place to visit, invest, work and study.

With a strong emphasis on projecting Wales as a distinctive place to visit through landscape, culture

and adventure, the brand is brought to life with creative and compelling campaigns, such as Year of

Outdoors in tourism. The award-winning brand identity is striking – and features the familiar Draig

logo, an iconic font, and a strong photography style.

And whilst the brand is in part about the way we present Wales to the world, it also aims to inspire new

products, experiences and events across the country.

Like the ‘Welcome to Wales’ strategy/plan, the brand is rooted in the concept of ‘Bro a Byd’ – that we

can excel in Wales when the local meets the global in a way that feels authentic, creative and alive; and

we want that idea to be reflected not just in marketing campaigns, but on the ground across the


Wales Brand Values

  • Authentic

  • Creative

  • Alive


The brand is also underpinned by five core objectives – which almost serve as a checklist for new ideas,

products, and campaigns. In future, we will use these objectives to help shape our activity, within Visit

Wales and across the industry as we seek to ensure that our work serves to:

  • Elevate our status

  • Surprise and inspire

  • Change perceptions

  • Do good things

  • Be unmistakably Wales


These brand values and principles are not only for the marketing of Wales but also for the development

of the tourism sector.

Wales brand

Connecting with Visit Wales

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