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Mid Wales My Way Tent and Chairs

Mid Wales My Way Brand

How Mid Wales My Way does it

  • It celebrates the story and culture of our region conveying the character of place and the people within it.

  • It geographically places us as at the heart of Wales recognising the diversity, uniqueness and the individual experience each and every visitor can have, each and every time they visit.

  • Our heritage and natural environment have stood the test of time, yet constantly change.


Capturing this essence; along with the people, the landscape, the experiences and flavours, the Mid

Wales My Way brand is a unique and exciting destination brand that visitors will connect with and

share their own experiences and stories. 


Our key things…

  • The People

  • Our images


​The People

Memories are made and hearts are won through the people we meet. Our people are warm,

welcoming and have the knowledge to ensure every visit leaves a legacy. We invite everyone to get

involved, speak to us, use this brand and be a part of the future of Mid Wales.

Speaking collectively our attractions, accommodation, experiences and events will be unified. Through

this brand we can work together to improve expectations and experiences, delivering consistent

messages to our visitors, with all communication coming from one ‘place’.

Together we can build a sustainable brand, through which we can all benefit from a greater share of

voice, an increase in visitor numbers and a higher return on investment. 


Our Images 

​Mid Wales My Way harnesses the power of great photography to convey four strong visual themes of

the brand.

  • The landscape - The moods and natural beauty of our unique landscape, from morning to evening, through sunshine and showers, is captured in outstanding imagery. The images are expressive and honest, communicating visually the Mid Wales brand.

  • The people: local heros - Engaging portraits offer an invaluable opportunity to reveal and communicate the lives of Mid Wales people in their distinctive environment. Supporting reportage images further reveal the unique lives of Mid Wales people.

  • The activities - Exciting images convey the range of adventures on offer in Mid Wales. Taken at the centre of the action, the photography communicates each experience in a stimulating, arresting and authentic style.

  • The festivals and events - Capturing the colours and action of our festivals and events, great images taken in the distinctive Mid Wales brand style invite our visitors to come and experience these thrilling occasions for themselves. 


How can you use it…

Whether you are an accommodation provider, visitor attraction, place to eat, retailer or food producer

we want to work with you to identify and meet your business needs, making sure you get the most out

of the Mid Wales My Way brand.

 The Mid Wales experience is open to all; every visitor encounters something different each time they

visit, from the wild mountains to the historic hamlets, the people and places will touch the heart of every traveller.

How can you capture the whole essence of our region in two simple words? By using the M+W of My

Way we can express a thousand sentiments and emotions.

My Way is just how you want to interpret it, with open hearts and minds. Our brand’s voice is

completely yours to convey the experiences and offerings that our region has in vast abundance. 

​Apply you own expression through the examples below…

  • GENERIC - Many Wonders Miracle Wishes Mystical Wilderness

  • EVENTS - Merriment Welcome Music Worshippers

  • DRIVING/CYCLING/OPEN ROADS - Mechanical Wonders Moving Wheels

  • WILDLIFE/NATURE - Majestic Wings Monster Wildlife

  • DARK SKIES/NIGHT SCENERY - Moon Walks Milky Way

  • ENJOYMENT - Muddy Wellies

  • SPAS/INDULGENCE - Meditation Wellbeing Massaging Whirlpools

  • LAKES, RIVERS, WATERFALLS - Magical Waters Magnificent Waterfalls Making Waves Maggot Wrigglin

  • FOOD and DRINK - Mouth Watering Malt Whisky Marvellous Wines Mineral Waters

  • ACCOMMODATION - Memorable Wake-Ups Minibars + Wateringholes Mansions + Wigwams

  • WALKING, OUTDOORS - Miles Walked Merrily Wandering Mud Wrestling

  • DATE SPECIFIC - Mistletoe + Wine, Midsummer Wanders, Magical Weddings, Memorable Winters, Meaningful Weekends

  • MYTHS/LEGENDS/CASTLES - Medieval Wonders Mythical Warlocks Mighty Warriors

  • RETAIL - Merino Woolies Machine Washable 

When creating your own M+W phrase consider what makes your attraction, accommodation or experience unique.


Marketing activity is channeled through predominantly online platforms:

And in print: The Mid Wales My Way Walking and Cycling Leaflet.

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For the purposes of ease for our visitors we have split Powys into the following areas:​






We hope that you will find an affinity with these logos and use them when promoting your business in

your respective areas to provide our visitors with an easy to use key of the area.

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