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The latest STEAM economic impact report and Visit Satisfaction survey can be downloaded directly from this page. 


STEAM 2017 Summary

Showed a pleasing upward trend in the volume and value of visitors to the county.


  • Total economic impact of tourism £M 815.50 - % change on 2016 3.1%

  • Total visitor days (Millions) 10.85 - % change on 2016 2.0%

  • Staying visitor days (Millions) 7.83 - % change on 2016 2.6%

  • Total visitor numbers (Millions) 4.62 - % change on 2016 1.9%

  • Number of staying visitors (Millions) 1.60 - % change on 2016 4.8%

  • Number of day visitors (Millions) 3.02  - % change on 2016 0.4%

  • Number of FTE jobs supported by tourism spend 11,706 - % change on 2016 0.4%

  • Total spend in local economy - £815.5m p.a.

  • Average spend per visitor day - £56.36


STEAM is an international tourism economic impact modelling process which approaches the

measurement of tourism from the bottom up, through its use of local supply side data and tourism

performance and visitor survey data collection. STEAM quantifies the local economic impact of tourism,

from both staying and day visitors, through analysis and use of a variety of inputs including visitor

attraction numbers, tourist accommodation bedstock, events attendance, occupancy levels,

accommodation tariffs, macro-economic factors, visitor expenditure levels, transport use levels and

tourism-specific economic multipliers’.

  • Of all the Welsh regions, Mid Wales had the highest annual average increase between 2013- 2015 and 2014-2016 in the volume of international visits and related expenditure, both up by 14 per cent to 98,000 and £45 million. (Wales level - increased by 7 per cent to 992,000, related expenditure increased by 8 per cent to £407 million). 

Visiting friends and family remains a key reason for trips within Mid Wales (16%, 2014-16), complemented by outdoor activities (12%) and taking part in sports (19%).

  • 2.1 million, took part in sports in 2014-2016, making it the most popular activity undertaken on a Tourism Day visit to Mid Wales (compared to 3% in Wales overall)

  • Although broad in its geographical nature the figures provide a guide to the upward trend in the visitor economy across rural Mid Wales. Importantly they also show key reasons for travel and the increasing awareness within the sector of a need to provide experiential, memory making moments for the key market segments.

  • Key markets remain the ‘independent explorer’ across all ages. Those who wish to tailor experiences to their own needs, travel in small groups and immerse themselves in our natural and manmade landscapes.

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