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Toolkits are there to help you work your way through a topic area, providing step by step guidance and

ideas to help you and your business.

By working together and sharing the same toolkits, we can present strong, consistent 

messages about Wales, ensuring that our voice is heard above the crowd.

Cymru Wales Campaign 

  • The Cymru Wales campaign presents a high-level statement of Wales’ essential qualities. These are the attributes that underpin everything we do, across all sectors of society and industry.


Years of Outdoors

  • Welcome to the greatest outdoors. After successful campaigns for the Year of the Sea and the Year of Discovery, the latest of our themed celebrations is a two-year focus on the outdoors, running from 2020-21.

  • You can access a collection of assets and materials connected with the Year of Outdoors


The Wales Way

  • The Wales Way is one of the most ambitious undertakings in our tourism action plan. It’s a family of three routes, distinct but complementary: The Coastal Way, The Cambrian Way and The North Wales Way.


Creative Wales

  • Wales has always been a nation of storytellers. Today, our creative talent is making a mark in many different fields: film and TV, books, all types of music, and digital arts such as computer games.


Arts and Culture

  • A rich cultural heritage is the bedrock of Wales’ national identity, and the arts are woven into the fabric of Welsh life. Our national anthem presents us as a “land of poets and singers”, and our literary and musical heritage is testament to its truth.

  • A comprehensive range of materials that are ready to download and use, representing the best of Welsh culture.



  • With a name meaning ‘to keep’ in Welsh, Cadw is the organisation charged with conserving, celebrating and promoting our historic environment.

  • A division of the Welsh Government, Cadw looks after significant buildings, monuments and other places that have shaped our nation’s history – including our world-famous castles – and ensures we pass them on to the next generation in the best possible condition.

  • Access a specially curated directory of images and resources relating to Cadw’s work, and to the many sites throughout Wales under its custodianship.


Sense of Place

  • We have put together a collection of digital assets that vividly communicate our sense of place, and will help you surprise, fascinate and inspire your audience.


Food and Drink

  • When it comes to food and drink, our reputation for excellence is well deserved. It all begins with first-rate natural ingredients – and thanks to our long coastline and fertile landscape, Welsh produce is famed for its freshness and quality.


Wales Coast Path Marketing Toolkit

  • A free, on-line resource which has been designed to help coastal businesses market their business by using the pulling power of the Wales Coast Path. 

  • It gives you access to a wide range of material and information in one place. 

  • It aims to stimulate ideas and provides guidance on how businesses can give their new and existing customers’ an unforgettable Wales Coast Path experience.

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